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Гость Romantis79

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Hello. First of all its not any kind of advertising. ;-)

Today, walking around on the Web, I found a small fanpage of a Soviet baritone singer. My italian friends say, the guy is famous around the world but I've never heared a word about him. There're many recordings there.. And, listen people, I was amaized! The guy has one of the best baritone voices I've ever heared, and at the same time it's written there that all italian songs and arias he recorded when 22-23 y.o!!! At about 28 he already left opera stage for pop music and also made lots of pop recordings I was happy to listen to... So want to understand if it's only me, who thinks the guy was potentialy the second Ruffo or Gobby?

Here's the page:


Again, it's not ad, I'm just curious. Any opinions?

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Thank you for link. I have downloaded some arias from there yet.

But it will be better if you ask your Question on the opera forum

http://opera.fastbb.ru/ Many of it members speak english good.


Magomaev is perfect singer. But Russia(USSR) has a many others exellent bariton's. For example - Dmitriy Hvorostovskiy, Georg Ots,

Lisician. I'm sorry I heard Ruffo and Gobby too little :( but I will from this moment look for them recording's to listen they.

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If you are interected in listening to some more arias and songs from Muslim Magomaev's finest collection, I'd strongly recommend that you visit two of his sites:

magomaev.ru and magomaev.info

You might be surprised by what you are going to hear and to see there.

If you need ANY help, you can contact simona w_m@yahoo.com

Will be more than pleased to help.

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Hi, dear Romantis79!

You are absolutely right! M.Magomaev is the best bariton of our days! This is mind of millions who still love him and his amazing voice. M. Magomaev is a superstar of the Soviet Union (Russia) and very famous all over the world. Hi is also a great composer and pianist.

WELCOME to Magomaev's sites where you can find Magomaev's art treasures!

Magomaev.ru (has also English version)

Magomaev.info (sorry, only in Russian)


Would be glad to help, if you need,



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Hallo. Is there anybody who has T.Gobby.So impressive,so mysterious...Only without "MY TUBE", if it is possybile.Let to hear pleas.




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Лиза ,I think that Hvorostovsky was a very good singer vhen he started his kareer .but now he is triing to be Bass?and it makes his voice veri hard . but he vas a beatifull baritone when he started.

посмотрите на правое ухо Хворостовского- он че из єтих????

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